Perfect Venue Lighting - Q & A

Thank you for your interest in Perfect Venue Lighting.  We are compiling a list of common questions about the DVD.  This page will continue to be updated with your questions, so if there is something you would like to know, email us -  

Q: What equipment do I need to replicate the lighting taught on the DVD? 

Q: Are four speedlites off-camera around the room necessary to achieve this? Or could I achieve this with 2 off-camera?
A: Less than 4 speedlites would create less even lighting across the room and consequentially hot spots of light. So 4 is ideal or at least 3. With only two, you create more of a cross lighting with even stronger hot spots.

Q: When shooting the reception do you have all lights going off at the same time, or do you selectively turn some off ?
A: Generally all lights pop at the same time, but if you want to do a creative shot, with the proper wireless capability to turn specific lights off, (Pocketwizard  setup - dedicating a group to each speedlite) you can turn off individual lights and create a specific look. For example, turning off a light if it's right over someones head or right behind you when you shoot.

Q: In the DVD, you use Canon 600EX RT flashes.  Why are you not using the built in radio controls on these flashes instead of the Pocket Wizards?   
A: I do use the Canon wireless system now, but the DVD is shot with PocketWizard to illustrate the universal system that works with any flashes of any brand.

Q: When you have multiple photographers and light stands, do you ever get over exposed images when multiple light groups fire at the same time?  Such as during the introduction of the bridal party when multiple photographers would be shooting the same subject.
A: The chance of shooting the exact same millisecond of your second shooter is small - happens to me once every 5000 shots, so it’s really never an issue.

Q: In your real wedding setup shots, one photographer was using the Quantum flashes (or similar). Do you see a difference in image quality between these and your Canon flashes?
A: Quantum flashes provide 2-4 times more power than speedlites so for a super large venue/higher power settings, it's ideal but I haven't used Q flashes in 2 years - since the Canon wireless system came out and I am very happy with it. You can always stack more speedlites for more power but I never had to shoot at more than 1/4 power.

Q: ls 1/32 power a common setting?  
A: It's a good start - you need to adjust it from there based on needed ISO, size of space, etc.

Q: There are so many different gels!  What do you buy and why?
A: I use the Rosco 20x24 sheets from B&H.  I cut what I need off the sheet when I need it.  We have linked to them above in the gear list!