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Actress Headshot Session with Natalie Fox

Proof sheet - Natalie Fox

Proof sheet - Natalie Fox

I've known Natalie for a few years. I even photographed her brother's wedding a couple of years ago and when she told me she needed a new headshot (correction, A headshot, its her first time believe it or not), I loved the idea of working with a familiar face. Natalie is an extremely talented painter and an entrepreneur so it's time to get a new and fresh headshot.

A few interesting facts about Natalie: 

  1. Has a dog named Bird
  2. Has a crush on Steve Martin
  3. She's a space nerd (her words)

Natalie broke all my rules including no gang signs and no duck face. 

Here are some of my favorites of Natalie goofing around in front of my camera.