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Commercial Photographer Moshe Zusman - Salon Nordine Advertisement

I love photographing people - especially in challenging locations! I was asked to photograph Nordine of Salon Nordine for his new salon's location for an advertisement in DC Magazine. After scouting for a location, we agreed that the best way to showcase the new salon is by showing it's surroundings and neighborhood, as the salon itself was still under construction. I packed my Profoto D1 Air 500 Kit and a BatPack to power it on the go and built a 1 light setup in the middle of the intersection of the beautiful Mosaic District in Fairfax. The shoot went really fast and as I was photographing Nordine, I was also tethered wirelessly to my laptop. He was able to see the images as they come out and quickly fall in love with them too.

Here is the final image we picked and the full page advertisement in DC Magazine.

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