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Dr. Katy Nelson's Photo Shoot

Dr. Katy Nelson is one busy lady.  She's a vet.  She's a mom.  She's got a relatively cool husband.  She's a TV personality with her own show.  She's even on the radio.  She's also a dear friend of mine who has an unexpected sense of humor and actually likes the nonsense that I deal out.  

Katy and I first met at a birthday party years ago that I was photographing, then again at the Washington Humane Society's Fashion for Paws.  

I try to bring everyone into my studio and allow them to get comfortable before we start the session.  I allow them to look around, explore the numerous photos I have hanging on the walls, and even allow them to choose the music that plays in the background while we work.  This allows me to get the real subject to show up.  It allows their personality to come out.  It allows the real person to be depicted in the photos that I take.

With headshots, I pride myself on showing who someone really is in their photos, or who they want to be, at least.  Dr. Katy is a professional, and her photos certainly show that.  She loves her dogs, and that is reflected, as well.  But she's also pretty damned fun.  And the leather and leopard print does nothing but highlight that.

The shot of her laughing out loud may be one of the most typical photos of Katy.  She walks through life with a smile on her lips and a laugh in her heart. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our shoot together, enjoy!