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The Secrets To My Success - Part 1 [For Pros]

In my business, my camera is my revenue. If I’m not holding a camera, I’m not making money, so spending my time doing things that can be done by other professionals means I’m not holding my camera, and not making money. I learned this the hard way!

When I initially came to this realization, I was terrified. How was I going to give up the control? Was the work going to be quality? How difficult would the outsourcing process be? After a period of trial and error, I tested out a variety of vendors, and finally was able to find a group of vendors that I now cannot do without!

Bay Photo Metal Prints

Now, I outsource my post-production, my album design, my photo retouching. I joke that if I could outsource making the bed, paying bills and washing the car, I would! 

Bay Photo Canvas Prints

Bay Photo Canvas Prints

Since realizing the value of bringing others into the fold, I am the biggest proponent for delegating. And while many might not share the recipe for their secret sauce, I'm always blabbing to friends, photographers, and on this blog about the pros I rely on behind the scenes to make me look good.

First, there's POST, who I've been using for all of my post-production work because they make my life easy and always deliver amazing quality work.

Then, there's my crew at Bay Photo Lab. I used to own a professional printer and make prints for my clients. True story. Now, I only use Bay Photo Lab. Color consistency is never an issue, and their entire staff are photography experts, so we all speak the same language. Not only that -- they continuously make me look good to my clients. I recently had a last minute request from a bride who wanted to gift her father with a print at her rehearsal dinner. Of course, this needed to happen the next day.  I called Bay Photo and with same day fulfillment and overnight shipping – my bride got what she needed. Done deal, happy client.

Bay Photo DVD Boxes

Bay Photo DVD Boxes

Moral of the story is that you need to always find ways to make yourself more available. For me, it’s outsourcing and trusting in companies to produce high-quality products for my clients. At the end of the day, their hard work makes me look awesome!
I’m often asked by others in the industry for my advice. I have worked hard to educate myself and continue to grow my skill set and my business, and it's gratifying to be in a position to help others achieve their own success. So if you have a question, I’m happy to help! We often get busy in the studio, so check back here often as I touch on other popular questions I receive.