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Second Chance at Life

Sometimes you are drawn to people and you don’t know why.

This is what happened while I was covering an event for Luke's Wings, an organization dedicated to the support of service members who've been wounded in battle. When I cover an event like this, I’m always in awe of the courage, fight and love that fills all of the heroes and their families. But with Jasmine and Brandon, it was so much more.

USMC Staff Sergeant Brandon Dodson was severely wounded in August 2014 in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device, or IED, detonated and blew off both of his legs, fractured his pelvis and caused many other injuries to his body.

When I met Brandon and his wife Jasmine, you couldn’t tell that they'd just experienced such hardship. They have a way about them that exudes a youthful joy. Maybe it's their bubbly 3 ½ year old son, Indy, or maybe it's how they've embraced the joy of a second chance at life. Either way, I had to photograph this family.