My partner and I are both experienced visual media professionals working at the top of our fields, so we’re pretty accustomed to the best quality creative work. While we knew we could trust Moshe to deliver great images of our wedding, we had no idea just how spectacularly and sensitively they would capture the exuberance and emotion of the evening. There is bound to be some positive prejudice because the images are of us, our family, and friends, but even applying our most stringent editorial and artistic critique criteria, the images simply soar. Moshe is also just a genuinely nice guy, personable and a pleasure to be around. If you’re considering your choices of photographer for any special event, you can stop looking. Bravo Moshe.
— David & Sam
We would never have found Moshe without the help of our amazing planner, even though he lives literally one block away from us, and we are so thankful that we did. He was the first, and only photographer we met with and within the first few minutes of our meeting, we knew he was hired. We told Moshe we wanted all the shots that other photographers miss in a photojournalistic style. As few posed shots as possible and attention to the details of the wedding itself. Boy, did he ever deliver. His style, approach and work ethic matched ours to a “T” and his product speaks for itself. The only word I can use to describe our pictures is spectacular. They exceeded our expectations in every way possible. We actually just got all of the pictures from him last week and are finding it almost impossible to narrow down the ones we want to put in our album - yes, they are all that good. Feel free to interview other photographers, but in the end, there is no one who compares to Moshe.
— Mark & Robert